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Victor’s Introduction

Posted by jdmass on March 22, 2016
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Welcome to our site and to our blog. I have the honor of writing the first of many informative blog posts to come on real estate in Miami, our real-life experiences growing up in this wonderful city and, in particular for me, Brickell and the Roads.


As a child of Cuban parents who migrated to New York and then moved to Miami, I remember when my parents bought our first home in the Roads. Later, my entire family followed and also relocated to the neighborhood.


As a kid I remember Brickell was just a place down the road from my parents’ house where professionals would go to work in the office buildings and then left at 5PM and leave the neighborhood as a virtual ghost town. Today, you can live, work and play right here with almost no need to use a car.


It’s so strange to reminisce of the days of places such as the Royal castle burger on the corner of Coral Way and South Miami Avenue.  As a child my dad took me there to eat the best mini cheeseburgers and fries in town. They invented what most burger joints now call sliders.


The area now called Mary Brickell Village was quite scary, with old apartment buildings for low-income families.  My grandfather lived in an apartment in the area.  I remember keeping an eye out when my dad would take me to visit granddad, since there was a crime wave happening in small pockets of Brickell. Regardless, Brickell and the roads was home.
We would never have it any other way. Brickell Avenue boasted large residences right on the bay. All of them got sold and torn down to build what was then beautiful little condos facing the water. Brickell Bay Drive was my fishing ground, the area hadn’t been developed yet. My dad would take me fishing there, to catch some shrimp with our special nets. It astounds me to think that the bay I loved so much is now lined with luxurious condos with breathtaking views.


The Hardee’s roast beef chain, which stood where a Citibank branch sits today on the famous avenue brings back wonderful memories.  Grandmother would ask me if I wanted to go eat a sandwich “De Carne ripiada” Spanish for a shredded roast beef sandwich which was amazingly delicious. The fantastically gritty “Tobacco Road”, my favorite blues bar as an 18-year-old with a fake id, unwinding after stressful day at the office. Or Cyes river gate, a classy professional bar which eventually became Capital Grille many years later. These spots marked the origin of the bustling nightlife Brickell is now notorious for. Then, they were few and far between.


My first work experience was a summer job in Brickell.  I started as a clerical worker at Associated Abstractors, now Commonwealth title underwriters. They’ve since moved elsewhere; however, it was then that real estate began to get under my skin.
I was being taught how to research properties to clear out the liens so they could get sold. I always wondered “What if I were the person selling these properties? How cool would that be?” In retrospect, this was my stepping stone into the business. It makes perfect sense now.


Memories aside, we are honored to offer you great homes and condos in the Brickell Roads area. It is an area that has everything and anything you need within walking distance or a very short drive. The beach, parks, culture and very soon a luxury shopping destination — Brickell City Centre are all within easy reach.


Stay tuned and visit us often for updates.  We will be featuring new developments for those of you that love urban condo living, and for those that must own a house, call me, I will find your perfect home in my beloved neighborhood.


Victor Rodriguez.