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South Manhattan

Posted by jdmass on March 23, 2016
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By: Mauricio Quiroga

      Realtor Associate

      Coldwell Banker Residential

I have an intimate knowledge of Brickell-after all live here since 2001; also much of my family make Brickell their residence. Thank God, my job allows me to enjoy the "metromorfosis" that is happening in front of my eyes and other senses.

The development of Brickell feel on skin, smell, sight and above all feeling. Every day I go out walking with my English bulldog, UGA and see how as the sun rises and shadows to hide this neighborhood comes alive. In my part of my Brickell, it is difficult not to perceive that special aroma of water with the grass, which for many of us brings something messy memories perhaps of other distant places. After all, Brickell is every day more cosmopolitan.

It does not take long and the first runners begin to appear with their tennis multicolored. Sometimes I wonder that it went through their minds… When I run only I think how much I need to finish this demonstration of self-esteem. So as you can see, exercise pain is something that also feels, at least for a regular runner, in Brickell. Sometimes it seems that the number of runners, cyclists increases exponentially every day.

Palm trees everywhere soon remind me that this Brickell in a tropical paradise. Soon, the almost always Blue Dawn reaffirms how blessed I am to live here.

It does not take long until weekly noises of cars announce that we are about 8 am. The financial center hopes its people than open arms.

As one approaches the 15 change is almost dramatic; the presence and reflection of our structures change the scene completely. Suddenly Brickell if it seems to become a metropolis. Hundreds of people of office dresses begin addressing the buildings; they come from everywhere and in several ways: by car, walking, the metromover and some on scooters and bikes. Yes… the Monday morning has something of Manhattan… However, the murmurs of the people added some Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Bogota and other extraordinary cities.