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Brickell Mi Barrio

Posted by jdmass on May 5, 2016
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Hello, welcome to our Spanish version. My name is Maria Soledad Quiroga-Grez, I am Chilean nationality, I am obviously dedicated to the industry of real estate and I am part of this wonderful team: Find Home Partners, Keller Williams Realty. I live in Miami about 7 years… A wonderful city that never ceases to impress me with their evolution and how exciting this is, more and more not only to visitors, if not also for us as residents.

My neighborhood, my neighborhood is simply Brickell. Live in your purely residential area, where traffic congestion plummets, but away from the possibility of feeling like I live in a lifestyle completely urban, a couple of blocks from the business district, restaurants, fun, parks even a distance of 5 minutes driving or half hour walk of one of the first beaches of Key Biscayne.

We all know that it is not easy to live far from your country… Brickell reminds me of the El Golf district of Santiago, Chile. Waking in the mornings even achievement feeling in this residential part, the noise of buses, that fascinates me, it reminds me of my trips to the University. I open my window and I see palm trees and a far from the sea. Shortly before 5 am already can see a that else exercise, which will increase as it passes the time. Parents walk their dogs along with their children or walking to school. The busecito called Trolley, which is free and has a look of tourism, brings you closer to your office or areas more congested. If you live in Brickell or any area of the Miami metropolitan area and relatively close work, you don’t need to drive, you can take the transport public (bus and metro) or if you like walking… best? Is a wonderful quality of life! I cannot name my inevitable stop to buy my coffee in one of the many coffee that we find in our walks…

Crime…? Practically does not exist in this zip code (Zip Code) Miami: 33129. You can walk down the street in the morning and you’re not really in danger.

Despite being in the beginning and in its more ancient of Brickell, we can appreciate and enjoy new opportunities to our neighborhood offers us, because we are just steps from the new line of infrastructure of the latest projects of skyscrapers, including the great CITI CENTER. We also enjoy the gastronomy of our traditional restaurants; Perricones (Restaurant more ancient of the Brickell Village Area of Mery), Morton completo The SteakHouse, Truluck’s, The Capital Grille. At the same time, we have new proposals in this industry, worthy of a cosmopolitan city.

Brickell has a rather young population, yet in my Zip Code there are condos where there are enough owner that acquired its property many years ago and who feel their neighborhood as part of them, I repeat, because of its quality of life and convenience that it brings. There are also young couples that have begun to grow your family, which loves to live in the city and with the possibility to have the first needs at hand, but to really live in an apartment has begun them to make it difficult for space issues. For them is the possibility of the coveted Avenue “South Miami” or the neighborhood “The Roads”, where we find beautiful and spacious residences… An option that blends both styles: urban life and family. For those who aren’t familiar well with the area, we continue talking about the same “33129”.

My partner and friend Victor, has prepared for you. a genuine blog of the quarter “The Roads”, since grew in the and school along with his family.

I hope to have them summarized in the way most natural possible what is for a simple Brickell resident every day. See you in my next Blog and I appreciate your time and interest.