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Brickell Mi Barrio

May 05, 2016
I LOVE MY NEIGHBORHOOD… Hello, welcome to our Spanish version. My name is Maria Soledad Quiroga-Grez, I am Ch [more]
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South Manhattan

Mar 23, 2016
By: Mauricio Quiroga       Realtor Associate       Coldwell Banker Residential I have an intimate knowledge of Brickell-after all live here since 2001; also much of my family make Brickell their resid [more]
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Victor’s Introduction

Mar 22, 2016
Welcome to our site and to our blog. I have the honor of writing the first of many informative blog posts to come o [more]
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El Manhattan del Sur

Jul 22, 2013
Por Mauricio Quiroga          Realtor Associate          Coldwell Banker Residencial Creo tener un conocimiento íntimo de Brickell-después de todo vivo aquí desde 2001; igualmente gran parte de mi fam [more]
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